Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Big Day of Serving Internships

If you are looking for an internship opportunity from January-May of 2013, we are identifying four interns to help with The Big Day of Serving event in the Westwood neighborhood on Saturday, April 20, 2013.  In 2012, we had 450 volunteers who participated and we are expecting to have 500 or more people involved next year!  This event is a great opportunity to develop project management, fundraising, and leadership skills, amongst many others.  Specific descriptions follow.
Events Management Intern – The Big Day of Serving
The Events Management Intern will assist the team lead in coordinating all logistics for the Kickoff Rally, Command Center, and Block Party Celebration during the Big Day of Serving event. The intern will assist in obtaining any permits needed for the event, and will coordinate parking & transportation, security, and medical needs. Intern will assist in breaking down and cleaning up after the event. 

The ideal intern must be organized and have strong leadership experience. The intern will be coordinating multiple projects with multiple teams. 

Desired qualifications: extremely detail-oriented, able to juggle multiple projects, self-starter, experience with event planning/logistics/management, excellent communication skills.

Funding Intern – The Big Day of Serving
The Funding Intern will assist the team lead in coordinating all fundraising and sponsorship procurement. This intern will serve as communications liaison between the teams to help get items donated to each team. Other duties include creating and maintaining a working list of supplies and a budget list for food and materials. Experience in fundraising and event funding is a plus.

In the weeks after the event, this intern will make contact with main sponsors via thank you notes or phone calls, and will send thank you notes to all sponsors and contributors. 

Desired qualifications: detail-oriented, efficient worker, self-starter, experiencing soliciting cash donations and supplies, relationships with local businesses desired but not required, proven experience with sponsor relations, strength in creating and maintaining donation database and coordinating budgets.

Projects Intern – The Big Day of Serving
As the Projects Intern you will assist the Projects Team Leader in soliciting applications, write up Project Information Forms and materials lists, and help procure all materials for the projects. This person should have an understanding of typical building materials and proven experience planning and tracking a project budget.

In the weeks after the event, the intern will assist in coordinating the completion of any unfinished projects and will help coordinate the return of all returnable materials and borrowed tools.

Desired qualifications: excellent communication skills, comfortable with cold calling and door-to-door soliciting, ability to work on spreadsheets, detail-oriented, self-starter.

Public Relations Intern – The Big Day of Serving
The Public Relations Intern will assist the team leader in coordinating a marketing effort for the Big Day of Serving event. The intern will help with press releases, and radio and TV spots. Other duties include assisting in dispersing applications and creating and maintaining a Facebook page for the event. 

In the weeks following the event, this intern will help gather pictures, facts, media hits, and any other information and compile into a master document for next year’s event. The intern will also assist in placing an ad in the local paper thanking all sponsors, donors, and volunteers. 

Desired qualifications: detail-oriented, organized, self-starter. Experience in public relations/media, social networking, and collaboration and relationship building with local vendors. Strong writing and editing skills, comfortable contacting the media for support before the event preferred.
All internships will run January 1, 2013 – May 1, 2013.  The Big Day of Serving Event is on Saturday, April 20, 2013.  Internships are unpaid.
For more information, contact Angela Bomgaars at 720.235.8847 or


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