Friday, February 27, 2015

Extreme Teams: Survey Team

Meet Gina. One of our volunteers.

Extreme Community Makeover offers Extreme Teams as a way for volunteers to get more involved. We have our typical Work Days and we also offer opportunities with our Extreme Teams.

One of our Extreme Teams is our Survey Team. The Survey Team initiates relationships with community residents and is a resource to the volunteer groups as they do their door to door surveying to identify projects. Currently, we are looking for more Spanish speaking volunteers to join this team. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Neighborhood Spotlight: Barnum

The Barnum neighborhood in Denver (6th Avenue - Federal Boulevard - Alameda Avenue - Sheridan Boulevard) is home to a unique part of Denver's history.  Read on to see how accurately this neighborhood reflects its namesake though.  On March 21, 1878, the American circus mogul Phineas T. Barnum bought 760 acres for just $11,000, and a few years later, the Barnum subdivision was platted.

Many myths and legends exist about Barnum’s interest in Denver. He did not buy the property to house his animals during the winter. Barnum’s involvement with his namesake’s development has become part of Denver folklore, especially in the durable legend of the showman’s plan to establish a winter home for his circus in the city. In fact, Barnum never wintered his animals anywhere other than Connecticut or Florida, and the entertainment entrepreneur made just four documented trips to Colorado.

Barnum’s history is one of a quiet development over more than a century, although not for lack of a strong sense of community. As the journalist and historian Robert Autobee observes, Barnum’s struggle in the shadow of Denver’s often different priorities, and its corresponding sense of community occasioned by the city’s neglect of older neighborhoods, has shaped the neighborhood’s identity.  In spite of challenges, Barnum has developed as a haven for working-class families.

Today’s Barnum remains a neighborhood of families, with more than two-thirds of Barnum’s housing being owner-occupied, making it a great fit for Extreme Community Makeover.  Our first Work Day is scheduled in Barnum on Saturday, April 11. Contact Angela for more details about getting involved...and check out some of the best views of Denver while you're there!

Read more about Barnum in the Denver Public Library's article here -

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Fundraiser Night with the Colorado Avalanche

Join Extreme Community Makeover this Sunday, Feb. 22, for our fundraiser night. Upper level tickets are only $27 and lower level tickets are only $57. 

$5 from each ticket will go back to ECM! 

It'll be a fun night with the Colorado Avalanche, family and friends. 

Get tickets!

Friday, February 13, 2015

The How To's of Recycling

Have you ever wondered where your recyclables go once they’re picked up by Denver Recycles’ trucks? After collection, the contents of your purple carts are taken to the City’s contracted recycling processor, Waste Management’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF) located in north Denver. At this facility, an impressive combination of workers and machinery sort all recyclables into various streams of papers, plastics, metals and glass. Large quantities of the sorted materials are then compressed and baled into large cubes weighing more than one ton each.  The cubes are then transported off site via either rail or truck, sold as commodities on the open market, and eventually made back into new products and packaging. For example, the used aluminum cans you throw in your recycle cart can be back on a store shelf as a recycled content aluminum can in as little as 60 days!

Processing many thousands of pounds of materials each day is no small task. People and technology must work side by side to keep the sorting process running smoothly. While many of the technologies utilized by the MRF are impressive, machines can’t do everything. Each day, workers manually screen incoming materials off conveyor belts at lightning speed.  It is a difficult and fast-paced job, but these dedicated employees make it look easy.

In order to get the cleanest, highest value recyclables as possible and to help keep the recycling facility employees safe, please remember the following tips:

  • DO Empty and lightly rinse all containers and cartons before placing them in your recycling cart.
  • DO Flatten all cardboard boxes
  • DO Reference the acceptable recyclables list located on the Denver Recycles website.
  • DO NOT Bag your recyclables. Instead, keep all materials loose in your recycling cart
  • DO NOT Place any plastic bags, plastic film or plastic foam in your recycling cart
  • NO NEED TO Flatten paper milk and juice cartons, cans or bottles. 

For more information about the Denver Recycles program, visit

Monday, February 9, 2015

Neighborhood Spotlight: Globeville

The Denver City Council recently approved a plan for the Globeville neighborhood, setting forth guidelines for future development in the area. The plan was created over the course of more than two years with input from community members. It recommends ways to create a more unique, strong, connected and healthy Globeville, according to the city of Denver, as reported in this Denver Business Journal article

Globeville is a Denver neighborhood located near the intersection of Interstates 70 and 25.  Land-use concepts in the plan balance needs of residents, commerce, and industry while improving walkability and bicycle access. "Globeville has unique needs and this plan was customized to meet those needs," said Brad Buchanan, executive director of Denver Community Planning and Development. "The plan is about the community's desires for land use and neighborhood prosperity, but it's also about creating environment and social justice, celebrating cultural history and improving community health." The plan outlines strategies for promoting Globeville's cultural history, improving access to jobs and education and updating transportation policies. If you want to read more about the neighborhood planning process and see the final plan, click here.

5280 Magazine recently wrote an interesting article about Globeville, stating "After the railroads laid tracks through north Denver in the 1880s, smelters popped up to serve mines in the high country, and Globeville quickly became a bustling hub for their workers. One of the original smelters, the Omaha & Grant, is depicted on Denver’s city seal; its smokestack spews fumes that pierce the sunlight behind a bald eagle and the Capitol’s dome", showing the role Globeville plays within the City of Denver's history. To read the full article, click here.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Extreme Teams: Logistics Team

Meet Melissa. One of our volunteers. 

Extreme Community Makeover offers Extreme Teams as a way for volunteers to get more involved. We have our typical Work Days and we also offer opportunities with our Extreme Teams.

The Logistics Team helps Work Days run more efficiently by checking in volunteers, selling t-shirts, helping with lunch preparations, cleaning up, and helping with other miscellaneous tasks. Meet Melissa, one of our team members. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Church Partner: Denver Community Church

Denver Community Church (DCC) started when a group of people felt led to move to Denver to start a church that would be so involved in the community that the only appropriate name would be Denver Community Church. DCC first gathered together in the spring of 2001. The vision of DCC has always been to journey together following Jesus, and to demonstrate God’s love to all people.
Today, by the grace of God, DCC is alive and well, which is the heart of their story. Their story is still being told, but it is not just one story; it is hundreds of stories from hundreds of people – stories of life change, healing, redemption, justice, and joy. It is the story of the Church – not brick and mortar – but people who live out the reality of God being in our midst.
Their mission is to live as a community who follows Jesus, journeys together, and demonstrates God’s love to all people. Their vision is to be a holistic, Christian, missional community. DCC puts their faith into action as they participate with organizations like Extreme Community Makeover and a handful of other ministry partners to make an amazing impact around the city of Denver.  Thank you Denver Community Church for being such a great Church Partner to ECM!